Mongolian Gazelle Grazing on a hillside in the grassland steppe of Eastern Mongolia’s Toson Hulstai Nature Reserve. © Nick Hall

Our Priorities

Mongolian Gazelles

The Mongolian gazelle is nomadic in nature and depends on a thriving and vast landscape for survival, as does a good portion of the country’s human population. Unfortunately, Mongolia’s Eastern Steppe grasslands are under tremendous pressure from a growing demand for resources, development and mining. The land fragmentation and pollution caused by these activities threatens gazelle movement, and negatively impacts nomadic livelihoods.

To develop and improve sustainable land management techniques for economic opportunity and wildlife well-being, TNC has helped establish two nature reserves, Toson Hulstai and Kherlen Toono, to keep the country’s untouched habitats wild and pristine. We are also working with 10 research organizations to study gazelle and vulture population movements in Mongolia, using satellite and drone technology, to gain a better understanding of the effective way to conserve grasslands and gazelles.