Floating forest Tourists drift on a bamboo raft in jinhu county, huai 'an city, east China's jiangsu province, April 13, 2019. © He Jinghua/TNC Photo Contest 2019

Our Priorities

Tackle Climate Change

Climate change is the greatest environmental challenge of the 21st century. And the consequences are quickly mounting: chronic droughts, rising seas, record high temperatures, extreme storms and significant economic losses—all which threaten to undo decades of conservation work and fundamentally alter our future.

Across the globe, TNC is tackling the climate challenge using natural solutions, such as the conservation and restoration of forests, to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and help communities adapt. In Asia Pacific, our climate change efforts are focused on two broad areas of work:

Securing Asia’s forests:

TNC is protecting, restoring and sustainably managing millions of hectares of forest across Indonesia and China, which store vast amounts of carbon and slow global warming. We’re planting millions of trees across China and helping communities in Indonesia prevent the loss of their communal forests from unsustainable logging and agricultural expansion.

Protecting coastal communities:

Recognizing that many communities are significantly threatened by the impacts of climate change, TNC is working in Indonesia and Pacific Island nations to safeguard and restore reefs and mangroves that protect cities and villages from typhoons and provide habitat for food sources.