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Earth Day 2021

This Earth Day, Change Starts with You

Change starts here. The changes we make have power. The changes we make have impact. And when we make positive changes, we make improvements. We make progress. Our planet needs us to change.

Our planet needs us to change The changes we make are powerful, and we can make changes that our home deserves.

We are in the middle of a planetary emergency, and we must change now! 

Take the pledge today.

This Earth Day, we’re celebrating the people who are making positive change for our environment.

Earth Day was founded 51 years ago when thousands of people came together in the United States to speak up and demand cleaner air and water. In 1990, Earth Day became global when 200 million people in 141 countries spoke up together about global environmental issues.

Join us in making positive change for the planet, its people and the wildlife that call it home.

A white sea bird stands on the mudflat with a fish in its mouth.
Wildlife in wetlands The mudflats of Hong Kong are an important habitat for a large variety of wildlife. © Kyle Obermann
Graphic of colorful dots