Step Up To The Plate

Show Your Support for Conservation at Your Favorite Restaurant!

In celebration of Earth Day in April, The Nature Conservancy has partnered with select restaurants in Hong Kong through the Step Up To The Plate campaign to raise public awareness and support for conservation. Throughout the month of April, customers at participating restaurants will have the opportunity to support conservation projects that address pressing environmental challenges in a rapidly growing world.

By 2050, the world population will reach over 9 billion people up from 7 billion today. A warming climate, a burgeoning population and our needs for food, water and energy are threatening nature as never before. From dwindling fish stocks to water pollution, the stakes are high but there is still hope to protect, conserve and restore our forests, rivers and reefs.

When you donate at a participating restaurant, you can help us safeguard the future for Hong Kong and around the world.



Step Up to the Plate and Join the Movement!

HOW IT WORKS: Restaurants participating in our “Step Up To The Plate” campaign in this April are taking various initiatives to help us raise awareness and support for environmental conservation in the Asia Pacific region. For example, by asking customers to donate a small dollar amount to their bill which will go to our conservation efforts, we can continue our critical work in creating a healthy environment from which our food supply depends on.

Restaurants can even take a step further by making matching donations to show their commitment to the cause. This is a successful tool to double the impact of a customer’s donation and to engage all parties on a deeper and more powerful level.

Step Up To The Plate with The Nature Conservancy to combat environmental challenges and secure a sustainable future for people and nature.


Participating Restaurants:


Your donation could support initiatives such as:


HKD $8 – plants 1 giant clam seedling in Micronesia

Did you know: Giant Clam farming reduces pressure on small-scale fisheries which account for 50% of the world’s seafood supply. Learn More


HKD $5 – protects 1 square foot of coral reef in the Coral Triangle

Did you know: Hong Kong consumes 4x the global average of seafood! Learn More


HKD $5 – protects 1 square foot of rainforests in Indonesia

Did you know: Indonesia has the highest rate of deforestation than anywhere else in the world. Learn More


HKD $25 – plants 1 tree seedling in China

Did you know: Reforestation and organic farming promote food security among local communities in China. Learn More