Conserve forests

Preventing further habitat loss is critical to the Yunnan Golden Monkey’s survival. We helped create Laojun Mountain National Park, and we’ve also reduced local deforestation rates through a number of tactics, including installing 12,000 solar panels and alternative energy stoves in locals’ homes so that they don’t have to chop trees for firewood. TNC has also planted 3.2 million trees in China to restore local Yunnan Golden Monkey forests that have already been significantly degraded.

Tackle illegal poaching

Meet our patrol team. TNC forms teams amongst local villagers who act as patrollers to curb any monkey poaching activities on the mountain.

© Christo JanTrack monkeys

We outfit some of the monkeys with GPS tracking collars, enabling us to better understand their habits, and what actions we can most effectively take to save them.

© Scott WarrenEducate communities

From school children to grandparents, we are collaborating with local communities to spread the word about why and how they can help: by not hunting the monkeys, by patrolling local forests to keep monkeys safe, and by using alternative energy sources to reduce deforestation.

© Christo JanDevelop alternative livelihoods

We provide training and funding through a co-op to help villagers who used to hunt Yunnan Golden Monkeys to adopt new livelihoods, such as farming or patrolling, and protecting the forests where these rare monkeys live.