Development by Design

TNC has a proven track record of collaborating with governments, private companies, and indigenous communities to minimize the negative impacts of industrialization on wild lands, animals, and local people. In Mongolia, the ecoregional assessments we’ve completed across the country are helping the government plan protected areas, reduce development impacts, and preserve lands for traditional herders and other communities.

© Tuguldur EnkhtsetsegCommunity empowerment

We are empowering Mongolia’s herders with the tools needed for successful community-led grassland management. In Toson Hulstai Nature Reserve, TNC’s first project site in Mongolia, and three new sites, we are helping herders establish community organizations that will develop sustainable grazing management plans and programs to diversify income sources, both to support long-term livelihoods. We have also provided training to more than 100 women across Mongolia in felt-art handicrafts, using sustainably-sourced sheep wool. The valuable commodities such as socks, shoes and bags can be sold to other herders and tourists, earning money for a common fund that gets invested back in the community, their land, and animals.