Other Countries Where We Work

While conservation in Asia Pacific does, in some ways, impact us most strongly here in Hong Kong, the entire world is united in a struggle to address pressing challenges like water shortages, food security, air pollution and climate change. Just like with the global economy, what happens in one country affects others beyond its borders: deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon means more carbon emissions and faster climate change for people in Iceland and Hong Kong alike; dwindling fish stocks in the Solomon Islands means not getting the seafood we’re used to here at home.

No one country, and no one individual, can solve these problems alone. But together with The Nature Conservancy’s 600 scientists, 4,000 committed staff, and more than 1 million Conservation Champions just like you, we can do it.


About Map: The Nature Conservancy works in 35 countries around the world to protect the fresh water, forests, grasslands and oceans we all need to survive. By joining us as a Conservation Champion, you can be part of the planet’s most ambitious effort to save the lands and waters on which all life depends.