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Get inspired by our latest conservation efforts in Hong Kong, the Asia Pacific region and around the world.

The Nature Conservancy is developing conservation and outreach programs across the region by working closely with organizations, companies, governments, communities and our supporters at a large scale. Learn more about our innovative projects, cutting edge science and partnerships and stay tuned for more updates in the future!

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    TNC’s Second Nature Photo Walk at Shing Mun Country Park

    On February 26, 2017, more than 50 nature lovers joined us at Shing Mun Country Park to explore Hong Kong’s natural beauty and get a better understanding on conservation.

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    TNC’s First Nature Photo Walk

    On December 10 2016, TNC held its first Nature Photo Walk at the Peak to give amateur photographers and nature lovers the chance. Close to 30 of them joined us to uncover the other side of Hong Kong’s beauty and help to capture it through the camera lenses!

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    Nature Works alumnus wins SCMP’s Spirit of Hong Kong Awards

    Nature Works Hong Kong program alumnus, Ike Park, received the Cultural Preservation Award at the 4th Spirit of Hong Kong Award event organised by the South China Morning Post.

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    Thank you for your support for TNC’s FishFace

    TNC’s FishFace project was announced joint winner of the popular vote in the 2016 Google Impact Challenge: Australia!

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    TNC Featured on Adventures to the Edge

    The TVB Pearl show, Adventures to the Edge, highlighted TNC’s work in the Solomon Islands in two episodes. Click here to watch the trailer!

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    The Nature Conservancy and Barclays MoonTrekker 2016

    For the second year, The Nature Conservancy is MoonTrekker’s charity beneficiary with a goal of raising HK$2 million this year. The funds raised from MoonTrekker, help advance the conservation of three key areas.

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    TNC is proud to be a supporting organization for the Walk21 Conference

    Asia’s first Walk21 Conference aims at bringing stakeholders together in improving Hong Kong’s walking environment for its people, promoting economic growth, social inclusion and general health. Learn more

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    Say no to ivory trade!

    Every 15 minutes, an elephant is killed by poachers in Africa, to meet the ever-increasing demand in Hong Kong and China for ivory products. Despite it has been 26 years since a ban on the international ivory trade went into effect, the number of elephants has dropped from 1.3 million in 1979 to today’s estimate of 430,000. In China, TNC is working closely with governments and corporate partners to raise awareness of the reality behind and hopefully reduce the demand for ivory, including launching this “Loving Elephant” campaign video with China Southern Airline.

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    Say No to Pangolin Trafficking with Angelababy

    Pangolins play an important role in maintaining reasonable ant and termite levels in various ecosystems, yet they are being eaten to extinction. Join TNC and Angelababy to protect these incredible creatures and say no to pangolin trafficking.

  • World Environment Day: What is one thing that we can do to support nature?

    Everyone can help save nature. Check out this video featuring TNC Celebrity Ambassador Karen Mok and our colleagues from around the world on how we can help make a difference to nature.

  • Arnavon Islands: A Remarkable Story of Survival

    A Hawksbill mama turtle first appeared in the Arnavons on June 8th 1992. Since then she has returned three more times to make her the first ever to be recorded nesting at the Arnavons on four separate nesting seasons. A historic event that coincided with the 20th anniversary of the establishment of the Arnavon Community Marine Conservation Area (ACMCA).

  • TNC Ambassador Karen Mok Voicing Out For Elephants

    Together with renown contemporary artist Zeng Fanzhi and partners unveil the exhibition “I am, because of you” at Yuan Space in Beijing which aims to raise awareness of ending illegal ivory trade.

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    Science: Measuring Forest Health Through Symphony Of Sounds

    In July 2015, TNC and computer scientists from the University survey of Queensland put together an acoustic survey in Papua New Guinea’s Adelbert Mountains to evaluate the health of the ecosystem through 24-hour soundtracks of rainforests.

  • Focus on fisheries: Micronesia


    By 2030, an estimated additional 10,000 metric tons of fish will be required just to meet Micronesia’s domestic needs for food. TNC and partners have been involved in a number of initiatives to strengthen the management and regulation of fisheries. This includes developing a “score card,” forming the new cooperative initiative and facilitating the learning exchange of fishermen.
    (In English)

  • Where Camels & Kangaroos Roam: A Dispatch from Australia’s Martu Country

    By Eddie Game

    No road networks? No lights at night? TNC scientist Eddie Game clambered over some low hills in Western Australia’s Martu country to investigate the life-giving water holes in this desert landscape. Oh no, did he say he scared off someone’s dinner?
    (In English)

  • Using Maps to Protect People and Nature

    by Amy Schrei

    Making maps may not be the most exciting part of conservation in Mongolia, but TNC’s maps are helping local people advocate for the protection of their lands and culture.
    (In English)

  • Digging my breakfast: Eating sustainably in the South Pacific

    by Eva Tai

    How fresh is the food on your plate? Check out this blog by Eve Tai about her field trip to the Solomon Islands in the South Pacific, where she had barracuda, coconuts, milkfish, Megapode eggs that would get foodies in HK all giddy: local, fresh, sustainably harvested, Non-GMO and free-range—in one word, Nature’s food.
    (In English, this post originally appeared on TreeHugger)

  • We Have All Been Eating Tomorrow’s Fish

    by Steven Victor

    Hong Kongers and Palauans both live by the oceans, which makes them “people of the sea.” Hear what Steven Victor, TNC’s Palauan scientist, has to say about the similarities in fishery management between Hong Kong and his home country, and the challenges all coastal communities are facing today.
    (In English)

  • Safe Haven for Sharks

    by Amy Shrei

    Sharks are apex predators and have a direct impact on the ecology of our oceans. So how can we protect marine habitats for them and maintain the health of fish stocks? By creating shark sanctuaries. Learn more about TNC’s support for The Federal States of Micronesia’s (FSM) legislation to ban shark fishing and finning. Combined, the protected areas of the FSM, Palau, Guam, the Northern Mariana Islands and the Marshall Islands represent the largest area of shark protection in the world.
    (In English)

  • Ba Yue Lin, Our New Journey

    by Zhang Si Kun

    Ba Yue Lin Nature Reserve Area is located in the Sichuan province in Southwest China. The article features how TNC, through the Western Sichuan Land Trust Reserve, is working with the local government to preserve Ba Yue Lin as a key communication channel for pandas and other wildlife species traveling between Hei Zhu Gou and Ma An Shan.
    * Please turn to page 10-15 of the online magazine to read this feature.
    (In Simplified Chinese)

  • The Solomon Islands Women, My Inspiration

    by Robyn James

    Gender equality is highly important for conservation. Unfortunately in the Solomon Islands, women do not have equal authority on how their land will be developed. Read this personal story of Robyn James on how she has been working to empower women and support their involvement in conservation, development activities and decision-making.
    (In English)

  • Two suitcases, a Fax Machine, an Ice Chest and a Mission

    by Jordana Fyne

    In 1990, TNC established its first office in Asia Pacific in Palau. This year we are celebrating the 25th anniversary of TNC in the region—join us for stories from the front lines and a look back at how it all began.
    (In English)

  • Embrace it. Know it. Love it. #livenature

    by Devan King

    Take a look at the top Instagram posts for 2014 from The Nature Conservancy.
    (In English)

  • Enchanted Forest

    by John Lancaster

    Get to know TNC’s conservation effort to protect the world’s last forest of rare ka trees in Kosrae, the Federated States of Micronesia.
    (In English)