Become a Conservation Champion

Here at The Nature Conservancy, we couldn’t have achieved so much global conservation success without the commitment of our Conservation Champions. The 49 million hectares of lands we’ve saved around the world are safe because of these people.

But there’s so much more we can do, with your help.

The decisions you make, and the actions you take, are what make the difference.

What difference can I make?

A big one! For example:

  • Click here to donate HK$500 per month. Over two years, you could help plant 500 trees, and every tree you plant could generate enough clean air for four people.
  • Your monthly donation of HK$300 for two years could help protect 180 meters of coastline in the Coral Triangle from illegal and unsustainable fishing.Donate now.
  • HK$120 monthly for two years could help two baby Hawksbills reach adulthood. Donate now.

How can I become a Conservation Champion?

  • You can become a Conservation Champion right now – make a secure donation online.
  • You can also become a Conservation Champion through the mail — just print an enrollment form and fill it out, and sign up to give a one-time or monthly gift. Then just send it our way (address is included on the form).
  • Call us at +852 3500 8228 and become a Conservation Champion with a one-time or monthly gift now.

To learn how your company can participate in our Corporate Conservation Champions program, click here.

What are the benefits of becoming a Conservation Champion?

As a Conservation Champion, you’ll get:

  • Our annual report, detailing the impacts your total annual gift, and the gifts of all our supporters, have made around the world in the past year.
  • Emails and other communications from us with news, tips for greener living, and invitations to participate in special events, including the great Hong Kong Clean-Up!
  • The knowledge that you’ve partnered with the most trusted, most action-oriented global conservation organization and are making a real difference!

Your investment

The Nature Conservancy was founded in 1951, and counts more than one million supporters around the world as our Conservation Champions.

You can feel confident that, by joining The Nature Conservancy as a Conservation Champion, you’re investing in one of the most efficient conservation organizations in the world.

The Conservancy consistently receives high charity ratings from charity watchdog organizations. For example, the Conservancy is:

Learn more about our finances and accountability.