Give Green

It is often said that it is better to give than to receive. But by GIVING GREEN with The Nature Conservancy, you can do both at the same time. Giving your special someone a gift membership to TNC is the perfect present for any occasion—whether you’re celebrating a birthday, anniversary, graduation, or any other special event, GIVING GREEN is a gift to your loved one and to NATURE, so NATURE can continue caring for all of us.


Giving Green is a gift for NATURE, for you, and for your friends and family.

By Giving Green, we can give back to Nature so that Nature can continue giving us the gifts of the air we breathe, the water we drink, the delicious food we eat, and the special moments we enjoy outdoors with loved ones throughout the year.

How to GIVE GREEN for any occasion—for a cleaner, greener, happier planet for everyone!

There are several ways you can go green in your gift-giving, to truly make your generosity have the greatest, most meaningful impact possible.

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Give the Gift of Nature

No need to spend hours scouring the malls for your special someone, when you can give them the gift that keeps on giving—the gift of NATURE! Show them you care by giving them clean air to breathe, fresh water to drink, and delicious, sustainable food to eat by presenting them with a gift membership to The Nature Conservancy! As one of our Conservation Champions (as we call our beloved members), your gift recipient will soon receive an email from us letting them know about your generous gift. He or she will then enjoy the benefits of becoming a Conservation Champion, including receiving regular updates on how his/her membership is making a difference in the world, for the good of people and nature.

It’s quick and easy to give a gift membership—start today to make your friends, family, and our planet a happier and healthier home for us all!

Give Back to Nature in Celebration of Any Special Occasion

Maybe you’ve never really stopped to think about it before, but take a moment to consider everything that Nature gives to you all year long: the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, the amazing days outside with friends and family—swimming in the ocean, hiking up mountains, even picnicking or playing in parks.

In recognition of everything that Nature does for you—and knowing that Nature cannot continue to sustain us indefinitely if we don’t do our part to sustain her—Give Back to Nature as a way to celebrate your next special occasion. To commemorate an important event—a birth, an anniversary, a graduation or even a retirement—you can make a donation to TNC that could help plant more trees to clean the air and reduce carbon emissions, or restore mangrove forests so baby fish have a place to be born and grow, or even protect coastline in the Coral Triangle from illegal logging and poaching.

As our newest Conservation Champion, you’ll begin reaping the benefits of membership right away—and so will Nature! Sign up now to Give Back to Nature, and Nature will keep rewarding you far into the future.

Give Off the Green!

Giving gifts and throwing parties can often be hard on Nature: wrapping paper and product packaging, too much food and drink made and then thrown away unconsumed… But they don’t have to be! By making eco-conscious decisions and keeping Earth in mind through your purchases and wrapping, your party planning and decorating, you can Give Off the Green and look eco-chic doing it.

  1. WRAPPING: Don’t buy wrapping paper—it’s often not recycled or recyclable. Be original and use something else to wrap goodies: outdated maps, paper bags, newspaper, old calendars, chip bags, wallpaper samples, and even your kids’ drawings that aren’t save-worthy all look cool, and lend an extra personalized touch to the gifts you give.
  2. GIFT-GIVING: There are few things more wasteful than buying something brand new—consider that 10 bathtubs worth of water are required to make just one new t-shirt!—so don’t! Instead, arrange with a friend or family member to swap for something special: maybe you can finally get your hands on that fabulous necklace your sister has been wearing, and you can pawn off that old jeans jacket you never wear anymore on her. What a deal! Or give an “experience” gift instead: tickets to a play or concert, a spa session, maybe a candle-making class! Or better yet, buy your loved one a gift membership to The Nature Conservancy.
  3. PARTYING: For party invitations and thank yous, go electronic if at all possible… And if you can’t, make sure to buy and send recycled, recyclable, FSC-certified cards and envelopes. During the party, serve local, organic food and wine as much as possible, and use normal dishes instead of disposable—or buy recycled, compostable cups and plates if you just can’t bear the clean-up. And don’t forget to leave clearly marked recycle bins around the party—encourage your guests to help you make the party zero-waste!
  4. EATING, DRINKING and COOKING: Replace some of your menu items with meat-free dishes—a lot more water and energy go into producing a kilo of beef, chicken or pork than a kilo of vegetables or tofu. Buy organic food, wine and beer produced without pesticides. And make sure to eat leftovers or send them home with guests in reusable containers—3,200 tonnes of food are sent to Hong Kong landfills every day!

We hope you’ll decide to GIVE THE GIFT OF NATURE and GIVE BACK TO NATURE for your next special event, and don’t forget to share your own tips for greener celebrations on our Facebook page!