Get to Know Our Fundraising Ambassadors

You may have already met one of our Fundraising Ambassadors about town. They are professional spokespeople for our organization, and their job is to help us raise awareness and financial support for our important global mission.

Our Fundraising Ambassadors can be found at special events, in malls and plazas, and even the lobbies of office buildings, sharing information about TNC and our projects across Asia that help preserve and even improve our lives here in Hong Kong. They invite interested members of the public — like you — to join us as Conservation Champions by making a monthly gift via direct debit or credit card. Learn more about how we fundraise.

Our Fundraising Ambassadors can be recognized by their TNC polo shirts, and by their identification badges and TNC folders with more information and our registration documents.


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I am a TNC fundraising ambassador and I am very happy to see our family of Conservation Champions has been growing.  Because of your support, TNC continues to protect the oceans, lands and waters on this planet.

I was born in Hong Kong. I am not old enough to see what the air quality was like in the 50s, but I do feel the impact of climate change and its threats posed to our lives over the past decade, because we did not pay enough attention. I hope we can take the first step and choose to live in a fresh and beautiful environment.


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It has become more significant recently that our quality of life are affected by all things that climate change leads to – nature conservation has taken an urgent and important role to help reduce it. Together, we can do it. Join us!


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I am glad to be a TNC fundraising ambassador, through spreading the message of conversation to protect our earth and educate our next generation. I really enjoy my work even it’s a most challenging work but satisfying experience to me. I hope I can invite you and work together to protect our Mr. Earth!

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Join us all in the world’s most ambitious effort yet to save the lands and waters we all depend on. Become a monthly Conservation Champion today.