Finances and Accountability

We carry out our work with a deep commitment to accountability and transparency. We want you and everyone in Hong Kong and around the world to know as much as possible about how The Nature Conservancy operates and how carefully and effectively we use your donations. We are transparent about our finances, and we are highly rated by charity watchdog organizations. Learn more about our 2016 financials below.

The charts and numbers here depict TNC’s 2016 global finances in Hong Kong dollars.
Below are global figures for the fiscal years ending on June 30, 216 and 2015.

High Charity Ratings

As a leading global charity, we hold ourselves accountable to our members, the public and all creatures that have a stake in the preservation of the world’s natural resources. And we seek to make use of every Hong Kong Dollar donated to the Conservancy with careful attention to effectiveness and efficiency.

70% of our funding goes directly into our conservation work. Charity watchdog organizations applaud organizations who invest 66% or more of their funding directly into their work. The Nature Conservancy consistently receives high charity ratings from charity watchdog organizations. For example, we are:

    • Listed with WiseGiving, an initiative by The Hong Kong Council of Social Service;

So you can be confident that:

  • By joining The Nature Conservancy, you’re part of one of the most efficient organizations in the world, and that
  • Your donation to The Nature Conservancy makes an enormous impact on the health of the planet’s lands and waters, and the quality of life for people in Hong Kong, today and for future generations.

Keen to learn more about what happened at The Nature Conservancy in last year? Check out our Annual Report, or watch a video highlighting some of our top successes from the past year.

You Make the Difference

Conservation Champions like you make a difference: Conservancy supporters over the past 60 years have enabled the protection of 49 million hectares of lands in 35 countries around the world—an area about 450 times the size of Hong Kong. Together, we’ve also preserved 8,000 kilometers of rivers, and tens of millions of hectares of critical ocean habitats surrounding five continents.

Join the one million people who already support The Nature Conservancy. Donate monthly and become a Conservation Champion today.