© Christo Jan Karen MokActress, singer-songwriter

“I’ve always been thrilled by the work of TNC in protecting the environment and endangered wildlife, like the beautiful Yunnan Golden Monkeys. It was an amazing experience to see them in their natural habitat when I visited Baima Snow Mountain. Let us all do our part in preserving the wonders of nature which surround us.”

Sean Lee DaviesFilmmaker, entrepreneur and conservationist

“I’m very honored to be able to work with such a prestigious NGO like TNC. I’ve seen first-hand how TNC works with local communities on the ground to preserve our ecosystem and local livelihoods. Their work is vital to the survival of all species on the planet, including our own.”

Michael WongActor, director and musician

“TNC’s work spans the globe using science to address environmental problems threatening nature and lives on earth. TNC has a long history working across Asia collaborating with its partners to protect the air and water we all depend on so much.”

Daniel Wu Actor, director and producer

“I think as a parent, it is really important to expose our children to nature, because living in the city you lose that connection very easily. There are lots of opportunities to educate children about the importance of nature and how to value it in their lives.”